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2002-01-29 Entry: "Creating A Monster"

My brother was home this weekend - some party for a friend who's going off travelling for a few months - and I saw surprisingly little of him. What with him arriving late Friday, being out Saturday afternoon onwards, and suffering Sunday, there wasn't a lot of time remaining. Not that I had huge amounts to say to him, what with him only being away for three weeks.

Scarily he's applied for jobs. This surprised me, as usually he follows my lead on things, and I managed to leave university without having applied for a single job. Here he is, just after Christmas, with interviews! So I guess this is the first time he's doing what I say rather than what I did - Heh, I'm the eldest child, I'm allowed to make all the mistakes...

Anyway, this is at the same time as he's doing huge amounts of work for his dissertation (I can't decide if there's one s or two in there... so I'll go with two and risk it). This is also in marked contrast to my efforts. My final year project went something like this:
Deadline to decide on title - sometime in the first month - made this.
Deadline to hand in table of contents - pre X-mas - made this.
Deadline to hand in draft first chapter - post X-mas - made this.
48 hours before deadline to hand in final document - find draft chapter, polish it up, write rest of document with very little sleep. Don't write all that much.
Deadline to hand in final document - May-ish - made this.

Somehow I got a 2ii for this... which is good considering it was a programming project that I hadn't actually done any coding for. Oh, I knew how to do it, I could probably even have bashed it out in a week or less, I just never got around to it.

For some reason they allowed me to weight most of my marks towards the presentation and meeting dealines end of the scale, so the content wasn't all that important - which is probably how I avoided failing it!

Meanwhile, my sister has seen Black Hawk Down - this film has quite a pedigree, with Bruckheimer and one of the Scotts involved. She gives it a firm thumbs up, not necessarily because it's a good film, but because Jeremy Piven is in it. Heaven help me, I've created a monster!

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