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2002-01-17 Entry: "Change Of Format"

I've changed the entry page again - it's now down to just the latest day's entries, rather than three days. It'll cut down on the file size, especially if I have a couple of prolific days in a row, so that should be of benefit (not that I'm suffering from too much traffic at present... my quota is a fair bit higher than I'm requiring).

Last night actually saw me have a proper meal for the first time since last Thursday. Alright, so it was defrosted lasagna, but hey, it's progress. It also wasn't particularly nice - it wasn't strictly a lasagna, it was just chilli with lasagna pasta sheets stuck in it and a bit of cheese melted on the top. Not that I'm complaining as it was certainly easy.

Smallville was fairly watchable again last night - Lana and Clark's first non-date. Lex is still the most intriguing character - how he goes from this to the scheming villain in later life should be interesting to see.

I also managed to watch the pilot of "The Pretender" which SkyOne have decided to show in the early hours of the morning. Not having seen it before, I thought I'd better try it out. So far (an episode and a half in) I've not been all that impressed. There's a little bit of back-story to ferret out, but I don't find Jarod charismatic enough to follow the series; I kept getting distracted by the time the second episode came on, so I've no idea what it was about!

I also (once my sister got home - or rather once I went back out and picked her up from the station) watched what's probably my favourite episode of Cupid - the Jury one, which plays a little like Twelve Angry Men at the start. The jury is deliberating, everyone's convinced the guy is guilty, but on taking a vote, there's one dissenter, who then manages to persuade everyone else that the guy is innocent. It's also quite a sweet episode as all this happens at Christmas (and Clare succeeds where Trevor fails in the matchmaking).

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