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2002-01-16 Entry: "More Takeaway"

The previous entry probably contains a number of inaccuracies. There may be grounds for holding these people that I've missed. And no, I don't believe the United States will ever be held to account for the atrocities it's committed in this whole mess, but you can bet your bottom dollar any al-Qaeda member will face justice (of some description).

Anyway, enough of my war rants - I'm disgusted with the whole thing... the western world is supposed to have grown out of these things, but I guess if you elect trained chimps you have to put up with whatever comes.

I left work late last night - I got caught for two extra hours waiting for software that urgently needed testing. Once I finally got away, I immediately had to retrieve my sister from the station so we could grocery shop - we didn't have to get all that much, but two days this week are "Fend For Yourself" meals so we needed to get a couple of things.

Once we'd shopped and returned home, it was practically eight o'clock, so we didn't bother cooking sausages (as were scheduled) and instead ordered pizza delivered. So this makes five nights in a row I've had take-away now... at least tonight will be different (Lasagna).

We also watched rather a lot of "Cupid" which I stupidly let my sister watch - she has a tendency to lust after a man in any show or film going. After seeing "Serendipity" it was Jeremy Piven, so I dug out my tapes with Cupid on. It may not have been a great show, but it's better than some of the other rubbish that's been cancelled. We've got about six more episodes to go (after doing rather a lot yesterday). And we won't be watching them tonight (as she's late back from work).

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