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2001-12-10 Entry: "Busy Day"

Not only has today been exceedingly hectic with errors to fix and whatnot, but there's been no internet access for most of the day, so I haven't been able to update until now. As it's the end of the day and I want to get away before anything else disastrous occurs, I'll keep this short.

Weekend was non-busy. Made it to hospital Saturday to see sick grandparent. She's looking almost chipper, so should be back on her feet the moment they let her eat something (presuming she doesn't waste away first of course). Sunday was taken up with watching dinner (as parentals were hospital bound, I was given cooking duties). The potatoes lived up to the old adage of "A watched pot never boils (until you look away, at which point it'll flood the place)," so I had to hover during this (admittedly brief) phase. Therefore, going out during the day was out of the question, and no films have been watched (at the cinema that is... films on DVD will be commented on tomorrow). And no progress was made on the Christmas IF - so it'll probably be March IF with a Santa theme by the time I'm done!

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