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2011-01-09 Entry: "An "Accidentally On Purpose" Addendum"

So, having now watched all 18 episodes, how does the show hold up? To be fair, it does mostly manage to find its feet - jokes that are actually funny manage to show up once or twice an episode; the characters turn into real people (well, mostly - Davis doesn't, but then if you're looking for a stoner man-child, you don't really expect anything more than stoner man-child); and the storyline ticks along through Billie's pregnancy and her and Zack's romance in the ways you'd expect it to.

Cancelling it, however, was probably the smartest move; I'm not sure the show really had anywhere else to go once the baby was born and the pair of them agreed to get married. Olivia and Davis' romance was obviously never going to go beyond the stage of convenient joke; Abby and her husband were just dull, and their neuroses weren't funny; and they'd mostly managed to write out Billie's workplace by the end.

Overall, a vaguely entertaining diversion, but nothing really to recommend it.

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