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2011-01-01 Entry: "First Episode Reviews"

In an attempt to start writing again, I've come up with a plan. Now, it's probably not a very good plan, as it was devised over a large quantity of alcohol, but nonetheless, it's a starting point, and I shall see how it goes.

So, the "plan"... to watch and review the first episodes of a whole bunch of TV shows. Most of these are going to be shows I've already watched (although that could be anywhere from a week ago to several years), so there's a good chance the reviews will be rather spoilery. The shows are also all across the board - new and old, comedy and drama, sci-fi and real-world, long-running and graveyard-worthy - but I've excluded animated shows from my list to try and keep it manageable.

Also, as I've not really tried to write reviews before, they'll probably be more than a bit rough-and-ready, and considering my tendency to ramble, not always on point! Hopefully over the course of this endeavour, I'll improve somewhat... at least before I get distracted by a shiny object and fall behind!

So, that list? Just under 300 shows, in semi-alphabetical order. I've shuffled things slightly so spin-offs come after the original show, and there's a couple of rogue boxed sets that put a show completely out of order but otherwise it'll mostly be 1-9A-Z. As to the "first episode", it'll be the first broadcast (as far as I can tell... I'm using epguides.com as my source) rather than the official "pilot" which might have been pushed back to mid-season (so, as an example "The Train Job" rather than "Serenity"). I'll do both parts of a two-parter if that's the case, or in the case of a couple, the mini-series that kicked off the series (thinking mainly of both Battlestars, but there are probably others).

Hopefully I'll actually get to the end of the list as it looks like a reasonably manageable goal at the moment, and although I'm not really trying for one-a-day (it'll be more likely a couple a day over weekends, and then maybe one or two during the week) I hope to be finished by year's end. We shall see...

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