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2005-09-25 Entry: "New Season - Bones"

Not originally on my "shows to watch" list, it managed to fit in to the scedule ahead of Supernatural, so I gave it a chance. It's basically yet another police procedural, with an antisocial forensic anthropologist (the titular Bones), paired up with a downtrodden FBI agent.

Firstly, it took me two episodes to spot that the lead was the sister of the hottie from Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, and only by spotting the same surname in the titles and looking her up.

Secondly, David Boreanaz appears to be playing "lighthearted Angel" here. Of course, there still have to be a few moments of dark brooding, but they seem to be leaving most of that to his antisocial co-star.

But more than anything - YAWN! This has been done before, and with more chemistry between the leads. Is there enough room on the schedule for yet another police procedural (the networks seem to think so, as there's still three or four new ones this season)? Or are people going to stick with the ones they know and not bother with a new one?

Currently however, it has a pretty good time slot - a couple of comedies, a couple of reality shows, NCIS and Gilmore Girls. It might have been smart for Fox to have swapped it with House, so they've got the lead in from that successful show to prop it up, but then I wouldn't have watched it.

More worryingly, Fox's current schedule has it moving to an hour later once House ends and American Idol comes back - which means it'll clash with Supernatural.

My current verdict: Bones will stick around for most of the season, but won't get renewed for next year. And I'll probably stick with it for most of its run based on my feelings over the WB's show - see the next new season review for that one...

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