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2005-05-14 Entry: "The Rest Of Enterprise"

Thursday night kicked off where Wednesday ended, with "Shuttlepod One" and this is one of the better episodes of the season. Reed and Tucker are trapped, alone, in a shuttlepod, after discovering wreckage on an asteroid and believing Enterprise was destroyed. They've only got three days of air left, no sensors, and the nearest planet is further away than they can make...

The character interactions here are great, and they cement the friendship between the two characters that continues later in the series.

"Fusion" sees Enterprise meet up with a Vulcan ship full of crazy people... oh, okay, Vulcans who are trying to find a balance between emotion and logic. T'Pol keeps insisting that it won't work, because it's never worked before. We get our first mind-meld here, although it's not a regular Vulcan custom, and it's unlikely to be if the users of the technique continue to try to force themselves on others!

"Rogue Planet" is a dumb episode - a planet that's broken away from it's orbit and is hurtling through space? Where's Commander Koenig when you need him? It's got a good guest cast though - Holtz from Angel, Detective Francisco from Alien Nation, and Phil Albano from Dark Skies - as the three hunters on the planet. They're only there for a short time, but they're big game hunters, and Reed wants to join their expedition. Meanwhile Archer goes crazy, seeing a woman in a nightgown who no-one else sees or hears... oh, okay, they're the slug-like shapeshifters who I have vague memories of even if I can't work out where from.

"Acquisition" sees a rewrite of Federation history as Enterprise gets boarded by a bunch of Ferengi. Brunt's ancestor is here... or at least, we have to presume it's him considering it's Jeffrey Combs again. Ethan Phillips also puts in a guest appearance.

"Oasis" finishes up Thursday's viewing with a reasonably good "haunted ship" episode. There's a crashed spaceship, which Trip agrees to help repair (mainly because there's an attractive young woman living there). Unfortunately, it appears the crew died when the ship crashed... Oh, and Rene Auberjonois makes a guest appearance...

Friday sees the end of the show, kicking off with "Detained" which sees the introduction of the Tandarans, when they throw Archer and Travis in gaol because they think they're Suliban. Archer doesn't appear to recognise his holographic companion Al, but then he's appearing here as an alien prison warden, sans garish suit, cigar, or handlink. It seems they've locked up all the Suliban within their population to prevent them from joining the Cabal... and clearly the Suliban would rather be free from both sides.

"Vox Sola" is one of the better episodes, when a diplomatic misunderstanding sees first contact with some unpronouncible race, it allows a strange web-like creature on board. When it captures a few crewmembers (including the Captain and Trip) and slowly assimilates them into its structure, Hoshi and T'Pol are in a race to communicate with it, while Reed tries to construct the first forcefield.

"Fallen Hero" sees a Vulcan ambassador fleeing the planet she was on due to criminal charges against her. It sees the Enterprise finally pushing up to warp 5, but is otherwise pretty unmemorable.

Equally unmemorable is "Desert Crossing" which sees Archer and Trip wandering around in a desert after stumbling into the middle of a civil war when helping Clancy Brown with his spaceship.

The final disc sees Risa's first appearance in "Two Days And Two Nights" when some of the crew go for shore leave, and Phlox goes in to his annual hibernation. Archer is reluctant to go, but takes Porthos for a couple of days on the beach. Travis is going rock climbing. Hoshi wants to practice her language skills, and Reed and Tucker are looking for sex. No-one gets quite what they wanted though... although Hoshi manages to have a pretty good time, even though she fails to learn a language!

And then, "Shockwave Part 1" finishes the season with time travel, Suliban sneakiness, Daniels giving Archer a whole bunch of future technology, and the time line being pretty well disrupted. And now we have to wait for Season 2's release...

Finishing Enterprise means I have to flail around looking for another show to watch, and I'm going to temporarily pick back up with The Jetsons while I look. We're starting with "Millionaire Astro" which I would presume sees the dog winning a lot of money? Oh, okay, he's mistaken for the dog owned by a millionaire, and there's a guy hunting after him all episode while he wants to stay with the Jetsons. It even goes to trial, and they try to get Astro to testify! We get flashbacks to how Elroy acquired Astro (running from a dogcatcher).

And now I should go to bed before this becomes any more incoherent than the last synopsis was!

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