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2005-05-10 Entry: "Finishing The Rest"

I kinda skipped Sunday cataloguing, but felt it was a little more productive to finish the shows I was still working on. And losing a couple of hours to a lacklustre Grand Prix race didn't help things much...

But when we returned to Buck, we had to sit through the absolutely awful "The Satyr" where Buck saves a woman and her child from the evil satyr-creature Pangor. Of course, that's not the end of the story and we have to watch Buck degenerate into a similar creature.

Things don't pick up much in "Shgoratchx!" which sees the seven dwarfs come to Searcher. The only entertaining moment in this one is them trying to examine Wilma as they've never seen a woman before... and they're really determined with their off-think and her clothes!

"The Hand Of Goral" sees them visiting the planet of death, and then having to deal with a duplicate Searcher, everyone behaving not-quite as themselves, and a mystic monk type guy who's the titular character.

Finally, "Testimony Of A Traitor" sees Buck on trial for conspiring to start the nuclear holocaust that destroyed Earth. And when he's put under mind-probe, his memories seem to uphold the charge, even though he consciously remembers none of it. This is a pretty good episode, even if the ending is fairly predictable.

On to Wonder Woman, and we have "Seance Of Terror" which sees world diplomats being lured away with talk of love ones having messages for them from beyond the grave. It's hokey, and Diana sports a really bad wig in this episode, but it does have a psychic boy who can take photographs through solid objects (like doors)!

"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell" sees a janitor accidentally create a super-explosive and everyone and his dog now wants that formula, so the guy's on the run and Diana's out looking for him. It's not a great episode all told.

Back to Buck for an episode, and we have the pretty reasonable "The Dorian Secret" which sees the Dorians looking for a murderer who's hiding amongst a bunch of refugees on the Searcher. Of course, everyone knows the Dorians are a bunch of mutants who all wear masks, so why do none of the refugees have a mask on? I might have fond feelings towards this one, as the show is finally over!

Which just leaves two episodes of Wonder Woman, "The Girl From Islandia" which sees a young girl with magical bracelets and necklace stuck on Earth after being transported from the mythical alternate world of Islandia... and with no way back unless the mad scientist stops talking to himself long enough to do it.

And finally, "The Murderous Missile" sees Diana getting waylaid in a very strange town after a guy on a motorcycle tries to steal her car. She's supposed to be at a missile test for a new mind-controlled missile, but fortunately for her, the second prototype of the control helmet has been stolen by the same mysterious guys she's sharing a town with. We get the advent of the motorcycle costume here... which looks mysteriously like the swimming costume, but with a crash helmet and goggles.

And it's over... so just an episode of Dark Angel, "...And Jesus Brought A Casserole" to go. So Bryn is dead, and Max appears to be in the hands of Lydecker. But Major Kira is really putting the screws to him, so his only out is to help Max bring down Manticore. Things sort of go as planned - they break in, they plant charges in the gene bank, and they try to make their escape. Syl and Crit both make it back okay, but the team of X-7s that weren't supposed to be there make things difficult for Max and Zack.

The X-7s are designed with a hive mind, but there'll be more freakyness with them in season 2. For now, we're more concerned with the clone of Max, albeit a younger version. And there's another one of those slightly demented dream sequences as Max gets shot and sees the future where she gets away and they all have a happy get together at the bar.

Instead she's shot and her heart is damaged, and she needs a heart transplant... and Zack is the only one nearby who can be a compatible donor...

And then we were done with our Sunday... you know, except for the episode of Charmed in the middle there. It wasn't a great episode, but we get to see more of Future Wyatt, both evil and good version. I also stupidly put on a film, Island Of The Dead, after all of that, and it was rubbish. Bunch of people stuck on an island where they bury dead people who can't be identified in New York, and they're attacked by evil flies that cause people to decompose really quickly. There's no explanation of why; why do they appear, why do they attack the people they do and leave others alone, and why do they stop at the end?

Monday night should have been the start of something else, but instead I stuck with films on my On Demand channels. Kicking off with Jeepers Creepers 2, after seeing Nicki Aycox in the last episode of Dark Angel, and expecting to see more, I got a daft horror sequel with a monster that appears to have changed since the first one. For one thing, it doesn't regenerate anywhere near as handily as the first one did...

Anyway, it has to be followed by an equally rubbish film, so Paycheck becomes victim of choice... and you know, there's a really good idea for a film hiding in here. All about erasing memories and how we're the sum of our experiences, and only keeping the good bits means we never learn anything and are doomed to repeat our mistakes... oh, yeah, that's the plot of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind! So someone got something good out of this mediocre sci-fi actioner.

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