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2005-05-03 Entry: "Monday Leap"

Monday night, and we're continuing with the Quantum Leap disc started yesterday. You know, another week or so and I'll finish these five shows - it feels like it's taking an age, and the shelf is filling up as I'm not really clearing anything at the moment...

So we begin with "All American" and Sam is an american football player who's got to stop his friend and teammate from throwing the championship game and destroying his future. Of course, it's not quite that simple, when the mother is an illegal immigrant and hasn't the money to pay her rent, and the landlord is the one pushing the son to throw the game or he'll throw them out or turn them in to immigration. And after an episode with a guy doing the intro voiceover, we're back to a woman here.

Then, in "Her Charm" he's an FBI agent trying to protect a woman from her boyfriend, who she testified against to send to gaol... but he got off and now he's after her for it. Unfortunately, someone within the FBI is helping him reach his goal. And I didn't remember this episode at all! Okay, woman still doing the intro voiceover, but this time she's in slightly out of sync stereo, which is more than a little annoying!

Finally, in "Freedom" we have Sam as a native american boy who is trying to save his grandfather from gaol... okay, the grandfather is dying and wants to die on the reservation. And there's a sheriff who doesn't like Indians on their trail...

And with the disc over with, I should really go on to the next show, but it's a feature length Buck Rogers, so instead I'll pick up mid-disc with Dark Angel's religious episode, "Pollo Loco." This isn't the best episode in the world, but it's got the first appearance of Nana Visitor as Lydecker's boss, and with Jensen Ackles who in this instance is playing the less than sane Ben.

You see, Ben's gone off the deep end, and is murdering people in the name of his faith. Max doesn't initially want to get involved, and Logan decides to meet with Lydecker to try and get Ben dealt with. But it's the scenes between Max and Ben later in the episode that explain why they brought Jensen Ackles back for season 2.

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