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2005-03-01 Entry: "End Of Charmed (Season One)"

"The Power Of Two" sees Phoebe practicing getting premonitions, Piper off to Honolulu for a conference, and Prue stressed about work - having taken mucho time off for demon hunting, she's a bit behind. Of course, Phoebe gets given lots of chores to do, and she blows them off to go to Alcatraz instead. But there's a ghost there - an executed prisoner - and there's a woman ferrying souls to hell who wants a witch's soul.

When the tour guide steps into the cell, the woman kills him, and the ghost uses his body to get off the island... of course, Phoebe witnesses this.

Of course, the dead prisoner's prints on the murder weapon definitely rouse the police's suspicions... and Andy takes his enquiries to the Halliwells door. The prisoner is going around killing people connected to his incarceration.

Andy falls deeper down the rabbit hole, but internal affairs are investigating him. Phoebe makes a Buffy joke, which I guess pretty much dates this.

"Love Hurts" sees the return of Leo. He's protecting a woman who's being stalked by a darklighter, and he's shot with a crossbow bolt. Prue and Phoebe are off on holiday, but Leo turns up first... of course, he turns up in the attic, seriously hurt, which clearly freaks out the two sisters who don't know his secret.

And the opening tune (post titles) is the Cupid theme tune - Human, by The Pretenders.

Okay, they're hunting the missing girl, but they've got to avoid the darklighter, as he can kill with a touch. Morris is giving Andy a tough time about not sharing why Internal Affairs is hassling them.

Piper swaps her and Leo's powers in an attempt to save him, but it also swaps Phoebe and Prue's. Andy turns in his gun and badge to prevent Internal Affairs from getting to Prue. Piper fails to heal Leo, because she can't get a grip on Leo's powers.

They kill the darklighter by switching his powers with Prue's current premonitions and then Prue zaps him with his own death hand.

Leo gets saved when Piper learns that love triggers his powers, and they have a heart to heart about Leo's first death (World War 2 medic) and whether he should give up his powers and live a mortal life with Piper. He leaves his dogtags for her when they decide that he should keep doing good in his current position.

Andy tells Daryl that it's Prue they're covering for. And the Internal Affairs guy is a demon.

"Deja Vu All Over Again" sees the demon Internal Affairs person meeting with the demon Tempus, in an attempt to kill the Charmed Ones. And he's going to use Andy to get them together. And Phoebe's premonition before the titles? Andy's death.

Rodriguez the demon declares he knows Prue is a witch to Andy, thereby revealing that he's the demon. He then confronts the sisters, killing Phoebe but getting killed by his own energy ball... and then Tempus rewinds time back to that morning.

And Phoebe is suffering major deja vu... second time around, and both Phoebe and Piper die before Prue vanquishes Mr Demon. Third time round, Prue is knocked unconscious and Andy is killed, and they capture the demon... they want to get to Tempus.

Prue meets with Andy on the Astral Plane, but he tells her he was supposed to die, and when Prue wakes up she knows how to solve things - accelerate time, which vanquishes Tempus and allows the day to rollover. But it leaves Andy dead. And for some unknown reason, Prue decides to let the demon go, but he decides he has to kill them, so obviously he meets a sticky end...

Cue funeral... when is Daryl going to find out about them? Piper decides to quit her job as it's not what she wants to be doing. And Prue closes the door... by magic.

So, finished with Charmed, and searching around for something to watch, I decided to finish The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries, starting with "Death At The Opera." Why is this in non-anamorphic widescreen? And why do I have no comments? Diana Rigg is still great in this, and we get Peter Davison's appearance as Inspector Christmas.

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