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2005-02-25 Entry: "Charming"

Charmed continues with "I've Got You Under My Skin" and Phoebe's at Quake consoling Piper over her new job... the manager quit and now she's left trying to run the place, for which she has no experience - she's a chef, not a restauranteur! Oh, and Prue? She's sleeping with Andy...

Music is probably intact... Natalie Imbruglia's Torn is on this episode, and I can't imagine they'd licence that and none of the rest.

Piper's worried witches are evil and going in to a church will get her struck by lightning.

Prue has an interview at Bucklands Auction House... and dinner with Andy.

A photographer that Phoebe runs in to turns out to be an age sucking demon who fires red beams out of his eyes.

Prue gets the job, but her bosses know she's a witch. It looks like they were testing for it, considering that the woman tried to spill a tin of paint over her.

Phoebe goes to meet the photographer but gets a premonition of the demon and tries to run. She doesn't make it though. Fortunately, Britney, who Piper has found, identifies the address at which she was attacked, so they can get there and save the day... oh, and vanquish the demon.

Phoebe learns she can't use her powers for personal gain... and that includes playing the lottery...

"Thank You For Not Morphing" sees the sisters get some neighbours across the street. They also get their father coming back into their lives. He wants the Book of Shadows so that no-one's after it or the sisters any more, but between Phoebe mis-understanding her premonitions and Prue's innate hostility to him, things don't go smoothly.

Of course, the neighbours being shapeshifting demons doesn't help!

Apparently Phoebe was a big swimmer when she was small... that'll be handy when she gets turned into a mermaid...

Obviously the father leaves at the end, but we get the first appearance of Leo the handyman.

"Dead Man Dating" gives the series its first ghost. And the opening music is Semisonic's "Secret Smile" so we're still doing well with the popular music...

Phoebe takes a job as a psychic. Andy asks Prue away for the weekend.

Piper spends the episode dealing with ghost issues - unless he gets a proper burial, he's going to Chinese hell. But the police haven't found the body... and once they do, they think it's someone else. Piper puts paid to that - freezing time and then taking a picture of the alledged victim with the paper declaring he's dead... then conveniently dropping the picture into Andy's inbox.

On to disc 2 and no trailers this time, thankfully. So we start with "Dream Sorcerer" and they're all in Quake... and Prue has a secret admirer. She turns the drink down because she's seeing Andy, and sends it back with the waitress. It turns out he's in a wheelchair...

Except, maybe he isn't - the waitress goes home and goes to bed, and then he turns up in her dream.

Piper and Phoebe try to summon their perfect man. Prue gets a call from the dream wheelchair guy.

Turns out dream wheelchair guy is a mortal researcher, studying dreams, and he's found a way to enter women's dreams and murder them. Of course, he ends up trying to get Prue, but she keeps being woken up before he can kill her.

With Andy and Daryl closing in, and Prue in the hospital, only the urging of Piper and Phoebe that hey, she can use her powers in a dream, allow her to knock the guy off the building he's trying to throw her off of.

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