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2005-01-30 Entry: "No Comment"

Okay, over the past two days I've watched Predator 2, Unbreakable, and Signs, but had nothing substantial to say about any of them... Predator 2 wasn't as good as I remember, and M. Nigh Unspellable really is waaay too pretentious... but he makes good films.

And that brings us to today - and the first two episodes of Point Pleasant. The premise sounded like it might be quite good, although a little soap-opera-ey. Sort of the modern day American Gothic (with the usual pretty teenage cast). Although I enjoyed the two episodes, I've noticed that the ratings figures for its airings have dropped off the scale, so it's probably not long for this world... can they make a sci-fi show that sticks around for a while? It looks like I'll have to try Medium at some point, as that seems to be getting good ratings...

And as anyone can see, I'm procrastinating over starting another series... I should jump into B5, but I'd like to break it up... I'm just not sure what to break it up with...

So we'll continue with the single discs... and take "Doctor Who: Horror Of Fang Rock" with Tom Baker. From the synopsis, I don't think I've seen this one before, but who knows!

Okay, we have a lighthouse, or at least, a vaguely convincing model of a lighthouse, and a badly drawn pink streak runs across the image and disappears into the sea. And then a thick fog rolls in unexpectedly. And then the Tardis turns up. Apparently they were looking for Brighton but missed by a little.

It's a pretty good story - scout for the invasion of earth - stalks crew in lighthouse, and the setting makes for some tension as they're dodging the creature up and down the winding staircase. The creature itself is a bit disappointing (and sounds a lot like a dalek when it talks), and it apparently has tentacles, although you almost never see them.

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