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2005-01-26 Entry: "Gospel Music?"

Picking up after all the action, Lyta is looking for details of Kosh's death when she returns to the station in "Walkabout" - and we get a replacement Vorlon Ambassador... Also called Kosh, but looking a lot more sinister... And his reply when they try to get a better name for him? "We are all Kosh!" whatever the hell that means! But obviously the episode's focus is Franklin's wanderings since his resignation.

A few Narn warships appear to have survived the war, and at least one is part of the defence force taking turns to guard the station.

Franklin has gone Walkabout, and meets up with a singer in a nightclub, who wants him to get drugs for her.

Meanwhile, Sheridan sets out to determine whether their theory that telepaths can be used to fight the Shadows - taking Lyta along for the test. It initially goes okay, Lyta (after finding the fragment of Kosh residing in Sheridan's mind) manages to freeze one Shadow ship, but it takes everything the White Star has (including taking the jump engines offline) to destroy it... so when four more Shadow ships turn up, things obviously aren't looking good.

The next episode, "Grey 17 Is Missing," sees the station recruiting real telepaths to fight in the war... and they've got to track down Franklin again to see if he has the files from the Telepath Railroad he was running.

A missing maintenance worker in Grey 16 leads to Garibaldi's discovery that there's a whole level of Grey Sector that's been sealed up. Of course, this is a really dopey A story, but meanwhile, the Rangers are looking for a new commander - and Rathenn, Sinclair's second in command, suggests Delenn would be good for the job.

Garibaldi gets to deal with a crazy cult on a sealed off level. Neroon turns up to challenge Delenn for the leadership of the Rangers. Lennier is forced to vow that he will not tell Sheridan of this... so he twists the logic around until he's able to tell Marcus... who agrees to try and delay Neroon long enough for the ceremony to take place.

Z Minus 14 Days - and the telepaths are shipping out to the front lines of the war... oh, and Brother Theo makes a re-appearance. And G'Kar wishes to send a Narn bodyguard along with each telepath shipped to the front lines. Londo wants to deal with G'Kar now... which would entail getting him off the station (and back to Narn). In "And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place" we get four other priests (of various denominations) visiting the station to see Theo and Lord Refa coming back to talk to Londo.

After much politicking and Centauri intrigue (oh, and persuading G'Kar to go to Narn to rescue Na'Toth who's apparently being held prisoner there), Sheridan realised the Shadow attacks are herding refugees to one area, before attacking them for maximum effect, apparently like San Diego... I presume that was why it was a Badland when we saw it in Spider In The Web? Any hints what the attack was? You know, just so I know to be out of town then...

And then the extremely surreal Londo/Refa/G'Kar/Narns sequence with the gospel music...

Oh, and Delenn's been hiding a whole darned fleet of White Star ships... the biggest problem with which, is the fact no-one bothers to name the darned things - they're all "White Star 27" and "White Star 15" and such like...

And then there were two...

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