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2005-01-23 Entry: "Up To The Arc"

We've finished Mutant X, so we can go back to season 3 of Babylon 5, and in three episodes time, we hit the big three part storyline... but first we have to get through "Voices Of Authority." The council wants to make contact with the remaining First Ones, in the hope of forming an alliance with them... Draal makes an appearance, Sheridan gets embroiled in politicking and can't go on the search, so Ivanova gets to go hunting. G'Kar has heard about the Rangers.

NightWatch assign a Political Officer to the station, and Zack Allen finds his loyalties torn over who to report what to (like Garibaldi's mysterious Code 7R).

We get to see Sigma 957 again... but Ivanova's wandering around in the Great Machine attracts the attentions of the Shadows. Oh, and she finds the evidence against Vice-President Clark in the death of President Santiago.

Oh, and evil naked women - not to be slept with!

Ivanova gets to insult the First Ones after they tell her "Zog" to her request for help in the war. The Political Officer gets recalled to Earth after the footage gets released. Garibaldi gets given the Book of G'Quan by G'Kar to read... presumably it'll help with the upcoming war?

Next up "Dust To Dust" and tension is cranking up over the Ministry of Peace and it's charges of sedition against anyone with anti-Clark opinions. Alfred Bester returns to the station tracking a Dust dealer - some drug that gives telepathic abilities to people.

Vir makes a return to the station... Ivanova nearly gives in to her impulse to kill Bester before he comes on the station... Bester is a little distracted by the Minbari telepaths that are in on the meeting with the command staff.

Bester manages to see the positive in being called a pinata. Vir's obviously come back in time to be beaten up by G'Kar... who's now going to attack Londo, having taken a suitable quantity of Dust.

G'Kar finally discovers that Londo was dealing with the Shadows. But Kosh steps in to stop any further digging... and G'Kar finally hits bottom and start clawing his way back up to the light.

Oh, crackling speaker is back in "Exogenesis" and we get to meet the other half of the knowledge-power pairing, the Vendrizi. Corwin gets a promotion to Lieutenant, and the command staff consider bringing him into their War Council.

And that was so unmemorable, I had nothing else to say about it... I know it probably had to be in there, but yeesh, get on with the arc already (heh, knowing the next three episodes, I guess they needed a little quiet moment first!).

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