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2003-12-12 Entry: "TV Update"

Yes, I'm still alive; no I have no good reason for lack of updates other than sheer laziness (well, okay, some of it was my laptop taking two and a bit months for Best Buy to repair, some of it was the move to sunny San Diego, but the rest of it is pretty much apathy).

But, if I'm going to post an entry, and avoid politics (about which I can clearly spend plenty of time ranting), then I should probably take a look at my earlier TV predictions for this season. I looked at six shows back in June (about six entries back...) that I was considering watching, and how I thought they'd fare. After my success in predicting the death of Haunted last year, I thought I was in with a shot... how foolish I was!

Lets start with Fearless... which I thought had a reasonable chance if they expanded the premise and told decent stories. Well, they might have done if they'd ever bothered to sort out the casting/crew issues and put the blasted thing on the air. It got pushed back to mid-season replacement, and now it's not even going to make that...

Tarzan - my evaluation said it was in a strong time-slot and would probably do quite well, even though I hated the premise. Well, fortunately the lack of acting talent in the two leads, and the lack of viewers managed to kill this show after eight airings. I presume there are a few episodes floating around that have been produced but not shown... maybe we'll get a DVD release like for Firefly?

Jake 2.0 - my evaluation said poor timeslot, weak concept, and that I'd probably like it before it died horribly. Well, it's still in a poor timeslot (it's getting horrible viewing figures), and I'm forced to tape it as it clashes with Angel, but I am enjoying it. And UPN have decided to give it a full season. Huh?! Some executive must like it, because there's no good financial reason to keep it on (unless they've really got nothing else they can show here!).

Tru Calling - also in a poor timeslot and with a weak concept, I thought this too would be not long for this earth. It's proving to be a fun show, although giving Eliza a little bit more to do might be nice. I didn't see the twist in last night's episode coming at all, and the wedding one kept me guessing as well, so their mysteries are reasonably good. But the viewing figures are really horrible, so why it's just been given a 20 episode order is beyond me... perhaps the network is running out of shows they haven't cancelled and need to keep it around? Perhaps there's an executive who's happy to watch Eliza Dushku and A.J. Cook each week and wants to keep it around? Perhaps they've realised they can't keep cancelling these shows and should actually give them time to find their feet? Nah!

Cold Case - which I never got around to watching, so I've nothing really to say about it!

Joan of Arcadia - cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I've watched two and a half episodes of this, and it's been a reasonable show, but it's a little too soap-opera preachy for me to stick with. I'll be unsurprised if this gets renewed though.

I have been watching Miss Match though, which is probably not long for this earth (it's already on mysterious hiatus until later in the season), but has been fun so far. It's light and fluffy enough to keep it watchable.

And that's about it - Wonderfalls (if it appears as a mid-season replacement) looks silly enough to be watchable, and it's not as if I'm watching anything else (other than a horrendous backlog of DVD purchases)... I haven't even watched much of CSI, or more than the first three hours of 24, so even shows I quite like aren't getting watched much...

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