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2003-03-31 Entry: "Filmage, Or Lack Thereof"

I seem to not be keeping up with all the films I want to see. This is particularly depressing when I can pretty much walk to a cinema from where I'm living. But other things keep getting in the way.

It's not that I haven't seen any recently - "Kangaroo Jack" was a blast (much better than expected, but when I saw the Bruckheimer logo at the start I was genetically predisposed to like it). "Final Destination 2" was entirely too gory for its own good. The first film managed to survive with only one or two really shocking moment - the bus springs to mind - but this one was packed full of those moments, and towards the end it was just too much. "Old School" was feeble... It wasn't particularly funny, and that's pretty important for a comedy!

And Sunday saw me watching "Bringing Down The House," which had a few moments that were really funny, but managed to be pretty offensive in places, spoiling what could have been an okay film (and a return to making actual comedy for Steve Martin). Eugene Levy almost saved it, but the attempts to make jokes out of racism and slavery were in pretty bad taste.

Which leaves a whole raft of films that I haven't seen but want to - "The Core" looks goofy enough to need seeing; "Willard" looks fairly creepy; and "Head Of State" might have some funny moments, even though it's got Chris Rock in it (at least, I think it's Chris Rock and I can't be bothered to check IMDb at the moment).

But no, I've been busy making feeble attempts at catching up on all the DVDs I haven't watched yet (down to two and a half seasons of Star Trek, the entirety of Robin Of Sherwood, most of CSI season 1, Futurama season 2, and a variety of film and TV odds and ends). I've also managed to tidy up the transcript for the second episode of Codename Eternity, The Mission. So it's not been a total loss!

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