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2003-03-19 Entry: "Hello? Is This Thing On?"

Well, it's only taken me six fricken months to get things back up and running! Yes, my hosting company died a death, and some of the later entries got eaten (must keep more recent backups!) - I've got nine or so that were saved by the Google cache, which I'll try and reinstate at some point, but beyond those, it's a big void.

It's a good thing in some ways that I lost a couple of those entries - I seemed to have descended into day-to-day minutiae by the end, which wasn't really the intent, but I couldn't get up the steam for a decent rant (or didn't appear able to on a daily basis).

Anyway, I've had six months of marvelling at the Americans, and with the mysterious birthday decision to resurrect this journal, hopefully I'll have a few choice things to write about (and yes, there's due a major rant about that place with all the oil, but I wanted to ease in with a "check it's all working again" entry).

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