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2002-08-09 Entry: "A Week In One Day"

And they were bland... very, very bland. The salmon was good, but the rest pretty much blurred into one another, and adding soy sauce just made them taste of soy sauce... perhaps I'm doing it wrong? Or I've managed to kill all my tastebuds with alcohol? I'll give it one more attempt (if I can find a really good sushi restaurant), just to see if I was missing something, but it didn't rate particularly highly.

Wednesday was apparently a non-day. I'm guessing stuff actually happened, but my scribbled notes don't list anything, so there might not have been anything worthy of comment. It's almost certain that I went down the bar though (having only missed one night so far).

Thursday's success story was that my shipped stuff cleared customs. Now it was just a wait for it to arrive at their warehouse before they could bring it out to me. As they were expecting only a day or two before it arrived it must have shipped in fairly close (unlike my boss, whose stuff apparently came into Florida and then had to be trucked across from there!).

Thursday evening, they had live music on in the bar - it was supposed to be blues and I decided to stick around and see if he was any good. I'm not sure about good, but he was definitely loud - you couldn't hear yourself think while he was playing, let alone hold a conversation. The venue was definitely too small for the volume used...

And, as I seem to be recapping the whole week in one go, Friday deserves a couple of comments. The first item was that I finally got to the last of the nearby restaurants - the Thai. The menu was slightly worrying - a number of items had little red chillis beside them, and you could pick how hot you wanted it. The scale went "Extra mild, mild, medium, hot 1, hot 2, hot 3, hot 4, hot 5, volcano hot" and working on the principle that medium was quite near the bottom, that's what I went for.

I had a soup starter, and by about the fourth mouthful my lips were completely numb. I don't know what they'd done (as they claimed it was a medium) but it was scarily spicy. I dread to think what a volcano hot soup would have done! It'd probably have been the same meat in a bowl of raw chillies.

Fortunately the main course wasn't anywhere near as hot, so although they denied all knowledge I'm assuming they made a mistake.

There were two english guys in the bar that evening. Real salt of the earth types, and possibly the most prejudiced people I've ever met. I did finally manage to tear myself away from them but it was a close thing. I didn't want to appear too impolite, so suffered them for an hour and a half (as long as you kept them on safe topics like soccer they weren't too bad) and then I made my break for freedom (well, I got a seat at the bar anyway).

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