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2002-08-01 Entry: "A Forgettable Sunday"

I was forced to get up early Sunday to watch the grand prix - it's not on at a totally hideous time, but 6am is a bit unrealistic... and how many ad breaks are they going to put in this?! One every fifteen minutes seemed to be the minimum, but I'm sure it was more than that...

When I finally got going, first job was to find how to get to work, which I just about managed - it was just a couple of miles down the road. Then I'd threatened to go and see the other shopping mall, but instead got sidetracked by the appeal of a 24 screen cinema. I made it there about 12, thinking there'd be a few things starting, but they don't actually open until 1pm... is this a Texas thing? Things don't start until much later than anywhere else?

Anyway, they finally let me in out of the heat and I watched some completely unmemorable film that I can't remember now... I'm sure it'll come back to me but I'm currently drawing a blank (and a quick hunt proved I can't find the ticket stub...). Presumably it was really good though, whatever it was!

I proceeded home, having wasted the afternoon, picked a random restaurant in which to eat (which I also can't remember... it may have been the italian... in which case it was very nice - I don't remember when I ate there, just that the food was good). Then I hit the texas bar again.

Fortunately I met real people to have a conversation with - bar staff don't really count as they're required to be vaguely amicable. The real people happened to be in town for a few days on business, and after being roped into a game of shuffleboard (a bar sized version rather than the full sized thing) agreed to meet up with them again the following evening.

Then I made an attempt at getting some sleep as I had work the next morning...

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