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2002-07-29 Entry: "Missing Anecdote"

The in-flight magazine on the plane had a list of the new shows, coming to whichever american network it happened to be an add for (CBS?) this fall.

One show stood out amongst all of these - "Without A Trace" - a cop show about the FBI missing persons unit.

Now, I'll freely admit, it's a police drama, so it's got a good chance of sticking around; at least until you look closely at the cast and realize they've picked Eric Close.

Yep, this show's got the kiss of death already.

Now, to be fair, I like Eric Close, and hope he has a good run with the show, but it's not as if he's been lucky in the past (the graveyard has a full rundown on his failures to date). And I'm not sure another police drama is really necessary...

But I'm willing to be proven wrong.

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