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2002-07-11 Entry: "Catching Up 3 - At Home"

Finally out of the hospital. Admittedly I'm still in a little discomfort (although more from trousers rubbing against the wound than actual pain), but I can just about get around okay.

The first job was getting a doctor's appointment, so he can sign me off as fit and able to go back to work. Unfortunately, the first he can see me is the following Monday - a week off.

Being at home (rather than in the hospital) means I actually get to watch what I want rather than whatever is dictated by the TV schedulers. Which, when you buy quite as many DVDs as I seem to, gives you a reasonable choice of things to watch (and with a rather large backlog, getting time off work to catch up on some of it is rather nice).

So, much was watched. Although, admittedly, I got rather bored of things rather quickly. There's something about watching television / reading books all day for a week that is really, really dull.

I did accidentally get enamoured of Diagnosis Murder though - it's good to see Dick Van Dyke doing something in his old age, and at least it explains one of the references in Be Careful What You Wish For (Part 5) - now I just need to find out if they've stolen the associated immortal from somewhere (as she doesn't seem to be a character on the show).

Over the week I also had to sort out a car for the US, but details of that'll go in the Dallas catchup entry.

Then the week ends, and I have to go and see the doctor. Amazingly (considering I feel reasonably fit by now) he's his usual cautious self and gives me another week off. Asking about flying, and he declares a further two weeks off limits for airline flights. I have a Visa, I'm just not allowed to go...

So another week off! Fortunately, I can get around a bit better so spend one afternoon at the cinema - and going while everyone else is at school / work is definitely the best time. The place was deserted (pretty much how I like it, and why I usually aim for the midday shows on a Sunday), and I watched Spider-man (mustn't forget the hyphen) on one of the big screens without about six other slackers.

And guess what? I was thoroughly disappointed. For a film that was supposed to be vastly better than Star Wars (Ep2) it was a huge letdown. The highlight was probably the conversation Willem Dafoe had with himself in the mirror. Yes it's almost certainly been done before, but it was still good. The CGI Spider-man was okay, but a bit rubbery in places. Parker's best mate didn't seem to realise that his dad was an overbearing loony. And Tobey Maguire? Terrible bit of casting there... he always seems so dour (in everything I've ever seen him in) - can't he be a bit more upbeat and cheery. I know Peter is supposed to have the world on his shoulders but this is just extreme.

The final bad item was the pointless punch up at the end. It almost looked like a case of exhausting the effects budget. "We've run out of money, what can we do now?" "I know, let's have them punch it out - all we need are a couple of stuntmen to trade blows for ten minutes." What were they thinking?

And the Sam Raimi cameos (Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell) were just irritating.

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