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2002-05-24 Entry: "Dead Drive"

My CD writer was being totally uncooperative last night - it wouldn't work at any speed other than 1x, and even then it tended to fall over halfway through. I made the hopeful assumption that it was a software problem and reinstalling would help, so proceeded on the (frequently taken) road to re-installing windows.

That complete (when I finally got the soundcard drivers installed without the installation software locking up), I tried writing the CDs with exactly the same results. Which tends to lead to the assumption that it's the drive (which is out of warranty, typically). The drive still happily plays DVDs (which is a good thing really, otherwise I'd be really stuck), but CD writing seems to be out.

So, either I try a drive cleaning kit (and hope it's just that it's dirty), or I splash out on a new CD writer. And I'm leaning towards the latter (as it saves any messing about - although it is a rather expensive option). I've nearly got enough bits for a second machine, so there's no harm in buying a new writer. Then if I fix the existing one, I can put the other in the second machine (or whatever combination works best with the hardware available).

Meanwhile, Buffy and Angel were entertaining, and Scrubs actually had a few laughs in it. Buffy is building to what could be a great last episode (but probably wont be) - I'm not sure how they can possibly redeem Willow after what she's done, but as long as she doesn't spend all next series moping about it we'll be alright. And where did Giles come from? He turned up at the end as if he had a plan and knew about everything and yet I don't remember anyone calling him and it's not as if travel from England is instantaneous! Not sure quite how that happened (and it might just leave a plot hole you could drive a truck through).

Angel was fighting some fluorescent CGI squid things, which were actually kind of cool. It was a pity about the horrible CGI monster thing that was rapidly killed at the end as it was terrible - it was clearly computer generated and stuck in later. Blend people, blend! When will we get CGI seamlessly integrated into TV / film? Even green screen work still looks like green screen work and not like it's actually happening. Perhaps it's just a failure to suspend disbelief. The brain automatically assumes that it isn't real and starts picking at the edges to see where it breaks.

And now for a family meal out - I demanded a chinese before I left, and tonight is the night (although, admittedly, I was perfectly happy with the takeaway option). It's a given that now we've rushed it in I'll be here for another month or so (so that there's plenty of time for more, or that takeaway). And to avoid being the last person in the office this Friday afternoon, I'd better head home for it.

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