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2002-05-20 Entry: "Lax Standard"

Missing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was just about excusable (at least, as far as the voice in my head which distracts me from anything productive was concerned). I mean, nothing really happened worth commenting on, and I didn't really feel like discussing Brimstone any more than I already had. However, missing today (which I've almost done) would have been inexcusable.

To point the finger of blame for my distraction, you'll need to go over here, and blame my general interest in crossover fanfic. They're not all the best pieces of fiction ever written, but the've managed to suck me in.

Meanwhile, in my not-so-busy life, I managed to get irate at the disks Maplin had sold me - I bought two boxes of CDs (50 per box). Each box was identical; same make, same packaging, same disk speed, everything. However, where the first box behaved perfectly fine in my finickity CD-writer, the second box just throws up "invalid speed for media" type errors and refuses to write... stupid bl**dy thing! This does mean I had to dash out and buy some I was sure would work on Saturday (as my hard-disk is rapidly filling up and I've got at least a week to go before I'm forced to stop this mad rush to transfer videos). I'm now more than fully stocked with blank CD-writables, so I'm likely to have to take a bunch with me. Every time I turn around I find more things that need to be packed - I have a horrible feeling I'm going to blow my shipping limit.

It's supposed to be 2 cubic meters (or some tiny weight like 300 kg). The computer and the speakers are the biggest chunk of this, but then with DVDs, CDs, and any books handy I'm pretty much up to limit. Discussing this might actually prompt me to arrange for the shipping people to come and get it (which'd pretty much force me to stop buying stuff).

The problem there is that I haven't got a Visa yet... it's supposed to be two weeks, so sometime this week is the expected date, but as my soon-to-be-boss had one take 5 and a half months, I don't hold out much hope for the June 3rd start date. Which, in theory gives me more time to get through a few more videos. This week is pretty much "Dark Skies" week, as there are far too many episodes to get through quickly.

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