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2002-04-10 Entry: "Shipping Visit"

The shipping guy came last night. After a brief run through of what was supposed to happen in a normal process, he had a brief look at what I planned to take, and then gave me a load of documentation. Finally he checked if I had any questions, and as usual I failed to come up with anything that hadn't already been covered.

So what happens now? Well, firstly he has to go back with his assessment and negotiate with the Phone Company as to how much I can actually take. Hopefully they'll agree with his assessment and let it go as air freight, but I'll need to check that if I go for air freight this time, whether I'll have to take the same on the return journey. If that's the case I might be willing to let it go by ship and live without it for the four weeks it'd take to get there.

I thought the preparations they were supposed to take and the shipping times were quite reasonable. Other than the fact that their guys have to pack everything, it sounded as if stuff would be quite secure for the trip. Seven to ten days by air, or four weeks by ship is about what I expected, and hopefully it'll clear customs with no problem (and they don't impound it for agricultural reasons... can't have them catching foot and mouth from mud on my shoes now can we).

So I've now got to push for a date... the task to complete before I can go keeps slipping, which could mean I have to actually work while I'm here! Or at least put in a reasonable number of hours effort a day, as I did say that I would to avoid running into May. Of course, some things are out of my control (like the inherited code being rubbish and therefore having errors in it), and some are just a case of me having forgotten obvious features, but the general plan sees me running into May at the moment. At least if I'd seen a contract I'd know where we were by now...

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