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2002-03-20 Entry: "Intermittent Service"

I keep skipping entries here - mainly because my usual writing time is lunchtimes, and I keep getting distracted during that hour / hour and a half by other things. As such, my intentions to then write before I leave conflict with my desire to get out of the door.

I think I'd be much happier writing these from home, but with no access there, I'm a bit limited. I guess I could write the entry and bring it in on floppy disk, but I'm guaranteed to forget one, or the disk would be broken or something, so it'll have to be intermittent services. I'm still intending for Monday - Friday, but we'll see how things go.

I guess it's just that I'm a little ahead of schedule. This was supposed to be here to keep track of my transfer to Dallas and things that happened there, and getting it set up before hand was more so I could try things out and see what worked... well, obviously we're seeing what doesn't work without regular access in a private location (unlike my desk in the open plan office at the Phone Company). Plus, the title would make more sense if I were actually in Dallas (as the good old US of A is slightly more culturally deficient than the UK... of course, this is wild speculation and I've got nothing to base it upon so I'm prepared to be suprised and astonished!).

The intermittance is probably also partly due to my lack of exciting things to talk about - not actually going out doing all the time leaves some days a bit lackluster to talk about. Plus, I can't seem to work up any enthusiasm for a good rant on anything, which is a little scary!

But work is going to be a little busy over the next couple of days - the feature that we were assured was complete before we took it over in fact isn't; it has a major hole in it that can't easily be fixed. Furthermore, as they want to get product out of door, I've got until Monday to do something about it... which should be just enough time, if my analysis is anything close to accurate and I haven't missed any major flaws in the solution...

Amazingly, I have analysis - usually I have a vague picture in my head of what the solution looks like, or what the bit of code I'm trying to modify looks like, and work to that. This time, I actually have a list of things that look dubious, things that plainly don't work, and things I shouldn't touch with a barge pole. Scary precedent here! I'm sure we'll see whether it makes the blindest bit of difference to how I proceed; I'm guessing not one iota - as long as the picture in my head matches what my analysis is telling me, I'm likely to work to the picture.

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