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2002-02-22 Entry: "Success"

The talk with the Dallas guys was fairly painless. A quick discussion of what I've been doing for two years, then a talk about what I'd be required to do, and then an offer of a position. I did the hasty thing and accepted there and then. So now it's just a matter of paperwork and bureaucracy, which'll hopefully culminate in my going out there at the end of April or thereabouts. Now I just need to finish the work outstanding here and wait. It also means I need to start chasing up the little jobs I've got outstanding.

I've been reasonably lucky with jobs so far - I haven't really had to work to get any of them. The job with the Phone Company was the first I went for (once the agencies had sorted themselves out), and I was offered it very shortly afterwards. Of course, at the time, the second job I'd gone for looked the better one, but they decided to freeze recruitment for six weeks, so I took the Phone Company offer. And now the transfer, offered the job based on CV plus a half hour phone conversation. Admittedly it involves doing a lot of what I'm doing at the moment (except with half the amount of code), and there is some scope for extending it into C++, which I can claim a working knowledge of, so the requirements do sort of suit my skill-set.

Suprisingly, the guy I'm going out there to work for has done the same thing - he's an ex-pat from the UK, so he knows what I'm about to go through and be in for. At least I know where to direct most of the obvious questions - I'll read the HR document first just in case any of the obvious questions are already covered, but then he's in for quite a list...

So this weekend will see the start of the passport renewal process - getting the form from the Post Office. I'll also be able to send the DVD back at the same time (two birds with one stone and all that). Otherwise, not a great deal is planned for this weekend (as usual). As far as I know, there isn't even a film coming out that I want to watch - I guess I could do the Lord of the Rings film again, see if I appreciate it more a second time (when I'm alone and not in a heavily crowded theatre). I'm not sure if it's still on at sensible times though.

The only other obvious tasks this weekend are try and finish the Longest Journey (before it starts bugging me that I haven't), and continue with the great video transfer. Then Monday will see proper integration of my currently hacked software in an attempt to get it working before the first release mid-March.

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