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2002-02-20 Entry: "Dallas"

There's movement on the transfer front. People in Dallas have now contacted me to arrange conversation type events for us to discuss what I'll actually be doing out there. This is starting to look like it might just happen!

Of course, I've got a list of things to sort out as long as my arm before I can actually go (probably the most urgent being passport renewal - wouldn't want them throwing me out after a year when it expires!).

I've also got to decide what to take and what to leave - about the only things I've thought about so far are my PC and DVDs / Videos. The videos are being slowly transferred to VCD (now my PC is capable of doing it quickly and easily). They and the DVDs can probably be taken without cases (just put them all in one of those CD carry cases - they're available to hold up to 192 disks so a couple of those should be enough). The PC will need a new power supply (no switch on the existing one to convert over), and a new monitor, but otherwise should be able to go as is.

As far as everything else is concerned, I haven't a clue. I don't really own any furniture, so that isn't an issue. None of my electrical equipment can be easily converted, so that'll all have to stay. Books seems rather frivolous, especially considering how much weight they'll add. So, clothes, computer, half a million CDs, some pots and pans (as I could do with not having to buy absolutely everything when I get there), and any other odds and ends I actually own. Not a lot really. I'm sure my parents are going to love me leaving rather a lot behind!

And if we are aiming for the end of April, then there's not a lot of time left...

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