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2001-12-12 Entry: "The Hanging Basket From Hell"

I don't have many jobs I'm required to do around the house. The only one that really stands out is a requirement to water the basket hanging on our doorstep (we've got a sheltered area directly in front of the door).

This basket went up in the spring time this year (so, about April / May). It needs about a milk bottle full a day (two in the depths of summer). It's now mid-December, and the thing is still alive!

It's not completely healthy - most of the flowery bits are dead, but the general greenery (that was trying to grow in through the door in August) is still green and bushy. Now, to put this into perspective, the last plant I had to care for (a spider plant at university) died within about a week - and they're supposed to be resiliant...

I'm not entirely sure what's going on with this plant - it was supposed to be a one year deal, die in the winter, and a new one would mysteriously appear the following spring. This one has looked far too good to be taken down. Either we've got a plant that's green and bushy in its dead and decaying state, or there's a vodoun practitioner in the neighbourhood.

Now, I do usually moan about having to water the plant, but in August, it isn't particularly odious. But December? It's bloody cold out, and there I am, milk bottle in hand every night.

I guess it may be an indication of how mild it's been so far, as the basket doesn't seem to have frozen solid overnight. I may be wrong and this is the only plant in existence which can survive being frozen solid night after night...

Or it's the devil's lovechild!

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