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2001-12-07 Entry: "Friday Blues"

End of the week. Yay! And I can't even raise a modicum of excitement. I'm tired, and I'd really like some time off... but that's a week and a half away...

Instead, I'm likely to have to face visiting a grandparent in hospital tomorrow. I don't much like hospitals (I'm not sure anyone really does), and presuming she's not her usual chirpy self, it's likely to leave me with more melancholy.

I definitely need something cheery in my life at the moment - not that anyone's likely to be able to tell this from the smily person they see every day. I guess I'll have to fit in a cinema trip on Sunday as that usually leaves me feeling chipper. This would have been on the cards last weekend, but that blasted Potter boy had taken all the afternoon slots, and the only films I wanted to see and hadn't already were on at 5pm at the earliest. I do early afternoon showings at weekends and not dinner / evening shows. Hopefully they'll have moved something into the afternoon slots this week - hasn't everyone seen Harry by now? They've got to free up some screens soon anyway, what with that other literary conversion appearing in two weeks.

I had a reasonably good rant at Question Time last night - although, oddly, they covered all the controversial topics at the start (where I disagreed with almost everyone), and then moved on to topics where strangely I agreed with at least two of the panel...

Somehow they'd found a panelist (and a politician no less) who was against the bombings in Afghanistan, and had a decent alternative - pay off the chiefs to give us Bin Laden (which I may be wrong about, but I thought was the intention of this war anyway). This probably wouldn't have cost as much as shipping all those troops out there and wasting millions of dollars worth of bombs on camels and tents. And before anyone comments that the Taliban are an oppresive government and we should get rid of them, yes I agree, but we didn't seem to care too much when they didn't have America's Most Wanted in their back yard...

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