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2001-11-23 Entry: "No News Is Good News"

It's a Friday, I'm tired, and I've got absolutely nothing to talk about. I spent most of last night rebooting my computer - trying to encode videos to a reasonable (CD) size and quality - unfortunately, the software kept throwing up evil "This has caused an error in EvilLibrary1.dll. Please shutdown your machine and try again later!" errors.

Question Time was dull - they didn't really discuss any meaty topics, and the Afghanistan question was fairly pointless... "What are the Americans going to do now that Afghanistan is dealt with?" Huh? When did we actually finish dealing with Afghanistan? They have no government to speak of, 99.999% of their population will starve this winter as all those bombs have stopped any aid getting in, and we haven't even brought Bin Laden to justice yet. So what have the Americans actually accomplished with their "Crusade?" We don't need to be considering any other nations at this stage, even though bombing places is about all Dubya can cope with. Diplomacy? Hah!

Today is proving equally dull - an amusing article here about RedHat's counter offer to Microsoft's suggested "punishment" of giving away their software to schools (which, lets be fair, costs them nothing and extends the monopoly they've misused and are being punished for). Of course the offer will be rejected, but it does at least show how ridiculous the proposals have been so far. Lets hope the EU really get to grips with the problem (it's not as if it's their economy that'll be hurt by any punishment!).

Work at least had "Doughnut day" to break the monotony - this is really more "free cakes and coffee" day, but it's about the only perq that the company still offer (due to ridiculous spending cutbacks), so you have to take your fun where you can get it.

And I resorted to checking to see if Phoenix Virtual Television had updated anything - Babylon 5 is back up (but not with a new episode since May), QL is entertaining as usual, and nothing new at Faithless. If this keeps up I'll have to pick one of the others to read!

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