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2001-11-21 Entry: "Familial Festivities"

My sister has turned twenty-one - okay, this isn't news as she turned 21 about two weeks ago (cue three day party!), but last night was the family meal to celebrate the event.

As such, we went to an Italian restaurant in Wokingham. The starter was very nice (Calamari), but I had real trouble picking a main course, and settled for the Scampi - big mistake as it was exceedingly bland, and there wasn't a great deal of it. Not a patch on the food I'd had in Italy (which may have spoiled me slightly! Whoda thought!).

Speaking of Italy, still no write-up of my activities is forthcoming - I've got my random scrawl, I just have to get around to transcribing it (which at the moment seems a dull and thankless task, but has to be done eventually). This is what comes of having eight projects on the go at once, none of which get enough attention, especially when I get distracted so easily by TV / weak computer games.

There was brief discussion of Christmas - we appear to have the odious task of hosting the get together this year. And with the secret agent coming, we're likely to get a full turnout. You see, I have one relative (he's probably some sort of uncle but I can't remember the exact relationship) who doesn't reveal exactly what it is he does - nobody knows! So we all assume he's not allowed to talk about it and that it's either highly criminal or government related! As his wife is a nurse, she usually elects to work at Christmas, as it's the only time of the year they get paid anything approaching a real wage. This means they don't usually attend any Christmas party, and so one of our Grand-relatives has to drive - and he can't see more than 6 inches, so it's a dangerous prospect. This year however, they've elected to come, so the roads should be safe that day!

The other Christmas discussion was over present - which, this year, my father is responsible for sorting out - he gets to go through all the lists, divide them up fairly between those with no money, those with no time to actually get to the shops, and those who want to know what they're getting now damnit! He hasn't done this yet, and so my stepmother is waiting less than patiently - and I'd quite like to know a.s.a.p. as well, so I haven't got to fight shoppers too badly when I do it. By Saturday would be nice! And hopefully this time, Reading wont be inundated with people wanting to see an Eastenders reject turn some lights on - the things people turn up to see.

Of course, Sunday would also be a possibility - as I'll be near Reading for a test in the morning - must perform well - have father to beat! More news on this on Monday, but for now I'll just say that it should be relatively easy.

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