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2001-11-14 Entry: "Unable to Play"

After a work day that involved finding out the job I'd scheduled a week to do actually took about twenty minutes, I was all set for a relaxing evening of Starcraft (which I've been sucked back into, and vaguely intend to finish this time).

However, instead of that, I ended up watching films with my sister. We started with Terminator 2 (which she claimed she'd understand better now having seen the first one). I realized about halfway through that this is a really long film. It's only two and a half hours, but that's long compared to most, and they've packed rather a lot in (intro, mall + bike chase through flood defences, mother's rescue, attack on the programmer, attack on Cyberdyne, finale in foundry). At times I felt it was dragging (shortly after they've rescued his mother, it hits a bit of a slow patch), and there are a couple of minor plot loopholes (if they destroyed the time travel equipment after sending Kyle back in the first film, how did they send two more Terminators back for this one?), but otherwise its a good film. And, no, there's no way that should make a sequel.

The second film was "Boiler Room" where Giovanni Ribisi gets a job at a stockbrokers which is doing less than legal things. It's not a bad film, but some of the dialogue is incomprehensible. The villain doesn't come across as particularly villainous. I'm not entirely sure why Ben Affleck was in it. And Vin Diesel plays another bad character who does the right thing at the end (so that'd be three, with "Pitch Black" and "The Fast and The Furious").

Unfortunately, it's left me wanting to go and finish that Starcraft mission today, when actually I should be working...

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