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2001-11-12 Entry: "Greymatter Live"

Well, after a small amount of extra testing, I decided to give Greymatter the go ahead over Blogger - there may still be a few teething troubles (or at least dead links - I think I've caught them all, but the navi bar on the left is the most likely candidate - mail me if I've missed any).

And just when I decide to change everything over, the web grinds to a halt as millions rush to try and get news on the latest plane to hit New York City... it seems it was probably a 767 (but there may be some confusion as an Airbus-A300 was mentioned), and at least one report (MSNBC) initially list it as having a wing on fire shortly after takeoff, so probably not terrorists. I'm not sure the cause really matters though - living in NY at the moment seems to be a recipe for disaster...

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